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So here's how I'll do it now:

First, from how early payment is given from a person to me in an art trade, point commission or money commission, I shall do their pictures first on the list, determining the order of payment given first.

Second, if it's for a special occassion (mainly a birthday coming soon) then I shall finish your request as fast as I can for a certain date, but don't go telling me this if you only want a picture for me for the heck of it.

Then finally and commonly, I shall draw pictures in the order which they were asked, commonly from plain requests.

Hope you got these guidelines, and thank you for the support and keeping me busy (you never give me a break anyways. :XD:)

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Hooray, I am back on the PC grid and now I can continue my work again. =D
As many of you know my Windows XP service went and bit the dust already, so I was pretty paranoid that I might not be able to continue my shenanigans anymore due to a lack of a computer. But luckily and surprisingly for me my dad got me a brand new Windows 8 computer system just the weekend before my XP almost died. Don't know how he was able to afford it so early on, but apparently he could, and I'm happy about that. Thanks papa'. :meow:
Now I do admit that I haven't started making new pics right away, well the reason was that I either didn't have a Paint.Net program updated yet, I was playing Sonic heroes, or I was doing very important homework assignments. I hope that you guys can understand that I can't always make pictures for you guys. As much fun as I have making ATs and point commissions for you, I can't spend the rest of my life being a slave to your constant fandoms and request thingys. I told dozens and dozens of times, but apparently there is no point of me repeating myself anymore. Whenever I have a label is saying that I am closed on art trade and point commissions, you guys still keep bugging me about something that was set straight right on my profile page. =3= When I say I can't take your requests for now, I can't take your requests for now. :iconkonatahatemodeplz: So please, for the time being, don't ask until I tell you guys I am open. I got like 8 pictures I still have yet to do. Thank you for your understanding.
Speaking of pics, here be the part of the journal of the deviations I still have yet to accomplish, plus plenty more, so please pipe down about asking chiz for me for the time being:

Lara the Cat Nun (with and without hood, based off of Felicia's Nun outfit… ) for :icontaokk: Lara The Cat Nun by Axel-DK64
Peppermint Pattie's Belly Christmas Bash for :icontetrisman64: Pattie Peppermint's Belly Christmas Bash by Axel-DK64
Piptony Takes Manehatten part 2 for :iconx-darkie-x: Piptony Takes Manehatten part 2 by Axel-DK64
Kitty and Friends::Sleeping Under Spring Blossoms (ref. for Kitty , with :iconunknown-person:'s OCs Climber and Karl ; AT) for :iconsitinuramjah: Kitty and Friends::Sleeping Under Spring Blossoms by Axel-DK64
Cleocatra the Egyptian Feline Goddess (AT; ref.… ) for :iconilovefallingcows25: Cleocatra the Egyption Feline Goddess by Axel-DK64
Darkie's Accidental Growth Problem (paid point commish; ref. ) for :iconx-darkie-x:
Adorable Snuggle Prevention from Doom (paid art trade; with :icon3d-giants:) for :iconkylec65: Adorable Snuggles, the Prevention From Doom by Axel-DK64
The Different Styles of Matthhew Apollyon (paid point commission; ref. ) for :iconino110: The Different Styles Of Matthew Apollyon by Axel-DK64
Playing Min Golf on Miyuki's Double Hills (paid point commish) for :icontetrisman64: Playing Mini Golf on Miyuki's Double Hills by Axel-DK64

That be all for now. Not much to update here, other than I will start my Spring Break on April 17th and it'll end the 27th, so I hope to be extra predictive around that week off, we'll see. ^-^
See ya guys, and let me do my work in peace please. ^-^


Axel Del Castillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


Axel-DK64 has started a donation pool!
1,716 / 1,640
Since I've been a very nice person for all of you and making all these requests for everyone, I figured that you can return me a little favor by donating a bit of points for me. :iconawwwplz:

And now my new goal will be 1640, like "N64" in the middle. :iconn64plz: =p

I do cheap point commissiones ranging from around 20pts to 70pts, all depending on the picture of choice. It is all PNG and will always be fully colored so it should be worth it in waitng for quite a while. Please check my art related icons in weither I am available to point commissiones or not =)

So please, make some donation today or later for me.
I really appriciate it. Thanks. :meow:

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hey, you forget talk:

you poor small hugo inside isis's stomach. you "fake pregnant" is big belly you no real pregnant.

you sketch?
Axel-DK64 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got it. small hugo gets eatenone part, shows him in her belly looking like she's pregnant but now. ^^No hav not yets. o3o
Axel-DK64 52 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know it's vore.
and how free request?
Axel-DK64 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sure things. an art trade request if you will. =D
what's your request? then I can tell you my request  (hint, involves giantess =p)

isis eating you hugo,

isis rub bellys, your a "fake pregnant" you poor hugo, you not real pregnant. you isis is vore. gonna fake pregnant. isis is happy. your rubs belly. walk.

cameo: axel is you scared look isis's pregnant!?
Axel-DK64 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So a picture of a small hugo being eaten by isis on one part, then with a pregnant looking belly of hers walking happy for the 2nd part. two part picture right?
(1 Reply)
hello, how request?
Axel-DK64 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not sures. o3o perhaps, are you working on my point commissions though?
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